Sunday, February 21, 2010

This Story is Just a Little Less Morbid that Originally Written

John had been performing with this outfit for several years now, first as a living being, and then after the accident, he took some time off to get himself back together - as it were - before returning to the stage. Over the years however, especially after the accident, he came to loathe the people that came to watch his show.
The crowds filled the auditorium, jostling one another as they crammed their over-sized bodies into paths designed for people half their size. John stood behind the curtain, watching them find their seats, wrestle their coats off, and then sit down, only to stand up a moment later - as another squeezed past. He hated them - with their fancy skins and dress ups.
Sighing softly, he moved to the center of the stage, and waited for the curtain to raise. Again, the gasps of shock as the spotlights illuminated his skeletal form, the hot lights amplifying and brightening his already bleached bones. Throwing his skeletal arms wide, He faced the audience, his empty eye sockets taking in the audience, the cavities in his head soaking up the horrified sounds of fear and revulsion that was now all too familiar.
The ringmaster's voice boomed over the speakers. "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BOYS AND GIRLS! I give you the amazing SKELETON MAN!" John bowed deeply, and stood back up, rattling his bones in the process. Turning to the side, he struck a model's pose, arm upraised, fore leg thrust out before him. "Once upon a time, many years ago, he was a living, breathing man, but due to a horrific accident, he is now the creature you see before you"
John grimaced at this, although the audience couldn't see his reaction, due to lack of muscle, or facial features for that matter. He had talked to the ringmaster about that statement before, he was not a creature! he was a man... at least the re-animated, skeletal remains of a man. Changing poses again, he now showed his back to the audience, flexing like a bodybuilder.
"This accident stripped all living tissue from his body, leaving these bones. If it was not for the benevolent ministrations of our resident witch-doctor, Ooloo M'Baku, he would have been hanging in a doctor's office." A small squeak could be heard coming from John as he ground his teeth together. More lies.
'Benevolent ministrations my bony ass' John thought to himself sourly. Barney had been drunk to the point of falling down when he did the ritual that had brought John back to life. Changing positions again, John lapsed back into thought. 'Ooloo M'Baku? Jesus they're really milking this whole witch doctor shtick.' Barney Johnson, or 'Ooloo M'Baku' as he was apparently being called was as close to a real witch doctor as John was to a intimate physical relationship with anybody.
Again the voice spoke "And now, SKELETON MAN will perform some daring feats of acrobatics!" Another sigh, and John stood on his hands. After a few seconds, he did a back-flip, rattling his bones. Grabbing his skull, he began to juggle it, along with several balls that were thrown to him from off stage. juggling the objects, he danced a little jig, all the while thinking 'I've got to find something else'.
His big finale came, where a giant ball rolled out onto the stage and john jumped up on it, still juggling. The inane music started up, making this last bit almost unbearable. Finally, thankfully, the music stopped, the crowd applauded, and John could escape the stage, escape the eyes of the audience, and get back into his trailer.

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