Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wolverine Review

So, today was big stinks birthday, and as is becoming custom, I took him to see a movie for his birthday. Last year was Ironman (excellent movie BTW). This year was X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

So, we go to the movie, and we're sitting there watching the previews...
Good Previews:
9 - CGI-fest of some sort of knitted homununculous sort of thing trying to save the world.
Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - 'Nother CGI-fest. Of course this is against my better judgement.
Terminator: Salvation - what the hell? Yet another CGI-fest... I think it was the Nine Inch Nails "The Day the Whole World Went Away"
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - Again with the damn CGI! This one has Poor Scrat falling(literally!) for a Female Squirrel.
Not So Much Previews:
TheTaking of Pelham 123 - I don't know, I think the whole "Travolta as a Bad Guy" is getting a little old. Alright already! We get it! you can play a slimeball! Must be drawing from his religion.

Anyways... Here is a spoiler free version of the movie:

Turns out Wolverine has always had the claws - he has many adventures, suffers through bad times, enjoys good, and becomes the lovable bad-ass we all admire.
The End.

Spoiler Laden Review (Last Warning!)

So we find out that not only is Logan older than dirt (literally! he starts out as a kid of like 8 in the 1700's), he also has a brother... none other than Victor Creed! A.k.a. Sabretooth!
Turns out that Victor's dad also slept with Logan's mom, and she passed logan off as her husband's child. The opening credits show us Victor and Logan fighting through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and Vietnam. After Victor kills a commanding officer and Logan jumps in to protect him, they face a firing squad, only to seusequently be recruited by William Stryker to form a team of mutants who are hunting down a new material called adamantium.
They trace the source back to some African town where Victor goes nuts, starts killing people, and Logan calls it quits, flees to Canada and becomes a lumberjack. After several years, Victor sets out to start killing his old crew, and tracks down Logan. Instead of killing him however, he kills Logan's Girlfriend - setting into motion a chain of events that Causes Logan to cross paths with Stryker.
Stryker now has enough adamantium to attempt a full body adamantium graft to Logan's skeletal structure. The procedure is a success, Stryker tries to doublecross Wolverine, we get a naked Hugh Jackman rampaging around, and an escape by waterfall.
Logan is then taken in by a nice older couple who own a farm. Fortunately for Logan (and an easy plot device) The old man is a motorcycle nut who has a bike in his barn, basically screaming for Logan to ride it. Agent Zero, one of Logan's old crew shoots the farmer and his wife in an attempt to pin it on Logan to justify using (excessively) lethal force.
Logan escapes, and begins the quest to hunt down Victor. In the process, he runs into two of his old teammates: John Wraith and the Blob. After a rediculous fight between Logan and the Blob, Wraith and Logan travel to New Orleans to find a street hustler by the name of Remy LeBeau, A.k.a. Gambit.
Logan Goads Gambit into revealing where the secret lab is, Wraith is killed by Victor, and right when Logan has Victor in a position to die, Gambit shows up and allows Victor to escape. Logan uses some fairly lame psychology to talk Gambit into taking him to the lab (conveniently located under Three Mile Island), where Stryker has been stealing DNA from mutants to create a supersoldier sort of killing machine by the name of Weapon Eleven (Logan's being Weapon X... the roman numeral ten).
Logan makes it to the lab, only to find out his dead girlfriend isn't dead. She was part of a plan to lure Logan into a trap so they could get his DNA, but it's o.k. because they still love each other. Logan frees a bunch of mutants with the help of his girlfriend and Gambit, and then faces off against weapon eleven.
During the climactic fight, Victor shows up, and the two of them proceed to get the shit knocked out of them by this uber-mutant until the Dramatically appropriate time when Logan manages to behead the erstwhile weapon eleven. Victor takes off, and Logan attempts to flee, only to find his girlfriend in bad shape (she having been shot earlier during the prison break). As he's carrying her out of the battleground, Stryker shows up and shoots Wolverine with Adamantium Bullets - three or four to the torso, two to the head.
Stryker goes to kill the girlfriend, but she uses her mutant ability to forcehim to jsut walk away, and then she dies. Logan wakes up with complete amnesia of the entire incident, not even recognizing his old lover, and takes off to parts unknown while Professor X makes a cameo, inviting many of the young mutants to hsi school for gifted children.

On the whole, I thought it wasn't all that bad of a movie - sure it was nowhere near as cool as Ironman, but it held together alot better than, say, X2.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Poll Results

Well, I can tell that my first poll was a ragin success, with a total of ZERO results, so I guess I get to chose what the first post will be.

Twitter Reposts - Here goes!

#ZombieTalk It's a 100 miles to Chicago, We've got a full tank of gas, Half a cooler of Brains, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.

# Chrysler to be zombified by end of 3rd quarter states local mad scientist.

# RT @LostZombies: #ZombieTalk "A Mind is a horrible thing to waste" no, no, a mind is a terrible thing to TASTE. (unless yer a zombie)

# #zombietalk If I was in a cab with a zombie driver: Where can I get a bite to eat?

# #Zombietalk You wanna chew? Chew on this! (shoves shotgun into Zombie's mouth)

# @LostZombies oh, right... right.... forgot about that....

# @LostZombies tomorrow's the walk?

# #Zombietalk "Suck on this!"

# @Agent_M which is?

# @Agent_M how about 10 years down the road from the apocalypse? has humanity survived? has a cure been found? is everyone dead?

# @talkingdigital you are an evil, wicked man... damn unicorns.... lol

# @levarburton loving the new avatar pic! ya look good!

# I wuz on Tv today! no mention of zombies tho'. damn them!

# @pvponline just 4 that, i'll get out the spoon.... & then watch the movie: If U're rt, I'll nom sum ice cream instead of my eyes.

# @pvponline Dude, I've gotta give you props for that - personally, I'd rather gouge my eyes out.

# @ThatKevinSmith it's because you're not there in person, rootin' them on. They need your fat ass in that seat, forcing them to win!

# @greggrunberg wtf? Missed the last ep... you comin' back?

# @LostZombies Lots 'o luv, I'll be there. Make it challenging!

# @mjkeenan Grand Junction/Mesa Theater & Club?

# #MFZARMonday : Damn Kids!

# RT @LostZombies: RT @poptrashmusic: What's in it for the rest of us?

# #MFZARMonday : Me - It would be much better than this shit day I've had.

# w00t! Best ending ever! "Guys, I know Kung-Fu!"

# gettin' schmaltzy about my dad\ -

# #MFZARMonday : people that try to be cute or witty by using clich├ęd or pithy sayings when they have no idea what it actually means.

# @ThatKevinSmith G'night U magnificent Bastard... Just once, a tweet back wld be nice, but celebrity trumps courtesy. Still worship ya!

# Obama and the antichrist: A (slightly lopsided) comparison

# @ThatKevinSmith Don't worry about the 50yr old douche, you just keep workin' your magic Kev!

# @wilw WTF? you goin' Zombie on that pizza?

# @chriscornell dude! That imagery is.... so fuckin' poetic! I love it!

# #MFZARMonday .... just getting that out there

# w00t! just found my book of manufactured headlines! back in bidness!

# @LostZombies lol aaaagh! I was infected by a naked mole rat!

# @LostZombies I would have to say a chimp... blame 28 days later.

# @skottieyoung thanks for the tips!

# @Agent_M Tell her it's for research

# #Zombietalk Bullet in your head by Rage against the Machine

# lol buttockal area

# @LostZombies cute lil' animated gif

# @LostZombies you're not?

# oops so

# @LostZombies check it out, but not reply to them unless is is some face meltingly awesome

# RT @LostZombies: For those that missed the update, #MFZARMonday Finalists. Tweet your fav here. PLS ReTweet8:53 PM Apr 21st from TweetDeck

# @alyankovic does this mean new album soon?

# @wilw That's it wil, you tell show that tasty sumbitch who's boss!

# @neilhimself hahahaha, thanks Neil, that made my day.

# @levarburton oh you lucky bastard! I would give my left hand to be there with you guys.

# #ZombiePetName: Shaun

# RT @LostZombies: RT @JC_photography: RT @LostZombies: zombie mmmmm tasty! are those appetizers in his lap?

# rt @LostZombies: UR a Finalist for #MFZARMonday. Tell UR friends to vote for you . @Lankylurkr plz vote!

# #MFZARMonday the fact that we keep throwing that hash tag out there, it's not trending

# RT @LostZombies: 3 Objectives for the LZ Scrp Bk: RT Pls #MFZARMonday

# rt @ronpurtee #MFZARMonday People who are proud about shopping at Hot Topic. You know, cuz their friends do.

# #MFZARMonday Baseball bat, cell phone, New car, Enough food to last for a while, and a gun (in case I can't fight anymore)

# #MFZARMonday Working on it chief!

# #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday #MFZARMonday

# Spam coming up

# #MFZARMonday Folks who think they can fight zombies bare handed.

# if we spammed #MFZARMonday continually, would it cause it to trend?

# #MFZARMonday Bob Saget... 'nuff said

61. @wilw dude, I saw that shirt, it was epic.

62. #MFZARMonday Jackasses that feel like they have to compete with @LostZombies on #MFZARMonday tweets (Guilty!)

63. #MFZARMonday People who text at stoplights when they're green

64. #MFZARMonday Mail-in rebates that take six months for them to get back to you only to find out that you don't meet the requirements.

65. #MFZARMonday People who talk about their cats for hours on end, simply because they have nothing better to do.

66. WTF!? Missed Chuck last week, now all cunfuzed7:01 PM Apr 20th from TweetDeck

67. #MFZAR Any tv personality that tries to be overly cute

68. #MFZAR People who pull out right in front of you, and then drive 20 miles *under* the speed limit

69. @LostZombies damnit, not wetweet, wefollow... stupid, stupid zombie fingers

70. @LostZombies Hey, I joined wetweet

71. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #Zombie #Writer #Dumbass

72. RT @braedan51: The zombie apoclyps is hre, rd 1 man's struggle. (if U lk it, retweet ths) #MFZARMonday

73. #MFZARMonday Coworkers that come into work, cop an attitude, and exude bourbon from every pore.

74. RT @Agent_M: w00t, Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) is on Twitter --> @mjkeenan [Yeah!]

75. @neilhimself I was the guy w/ the denim jacket covered in graphic novel characters

76. @neilhimself ths is the 2nd time U've suggested something that has totally blown my mind. the 1st was in GA w/ Abarat at the ALA Pre-con

77. RT @JINX: Giving away just RT in the next two hours. We'll randomly select the winner. J!NX EXXXXXTREME!

78. lol new mac vs. pc commercial! awesome!

79. @ThatKevinSmith @Neilhimself @chriscornell @wilw I am really proud of this, finally some validation for my writing!

80. @chriscornell you running with gazelles?

81. @chriscornell feel free to vent your spleen at any time @lankylurkr

82. @ThatKevinSmith It's peanut butter jelly time!

83. hahahahha! This is so stupid.

84. @LostZombies howabout Survival tips? #StayAliveSaturday

85. checkin' out cinemageddon for zombie stuff #StayAliveSaturday

86. Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. does it sound like someone's choking whilst giving head?

87. @chriscornell Yes, absolutely

88. @chriscornell You have to ask? Of course, especially if it was someone I was close to.

89. @ThatKevinSmith don't know why we do it, but I've ruined more fucks w/wife cuz over thinking.

90. New lost zombies blogpost #lostzombies still rough draft, plan on handwriting all this when done.

91. @ThatKevinSmith Nah, I think it was because you'll laugh about this

92. @ThatKevinSmith waitaminute, I thought you were at a boxing match!

93. @Agent_M Not a resturaunt, but if you want some1 to shut up for a bit

94. @pvponline damn straight. Without you, I'd be a total wreck.

95. Rough draft posting of journal entries 4 #lostzombies. Exciting, but not book related. Gotta focus, work on book 2morrow

96. @skottieyoung lookin' good!

97. @thewoodrow they rored thr trrbl rors, n nashd thr trrbl teeth, n rolld trrbl ies, n shwd trbbl clws

98. @ThatKevinSmith don't say that! it just begs for trouble!

99. @Agent_M stay strong! @badcoverversion is counting on you.

100. @Agent_M WWF and Clue? ask him if he's still living in his mom's basement

101. @Agent_M Tell him he's dripping, make sure it's loud enough for the gal to hear

102. @chriscornell *shrimp, my bad

103. @chriscornell is that prawn as in shrip? or pr0n as in naughty pictures?

104. RT @pvponline: RT #AmberAlert DENVER Comic creator's 14 yr old niece missing: ALTERNATE WEBSITE MIRROR Please RT

105. @Paidion been thinkin' about the tehsaurus. perhaps a online netspeak guide?

106. Wow, sux 2 be Carl's Jr.

107. @JINX four

108. RT @JINX: This article ends with "We want to arrest the snake" Law enforcement fail. Naw, Engrish fail.

109. "America Gets Teabagged"

110. @pvponline Apparently Mel Gibson doesn't have enough

111. @Paidion don't doubt... cook!

112. @chriscornell amen to that brother... you ever think about doin' small venues?

113. @ThatKevinSmith just finished Zach & Miri. It was gd. Could have gone another 34 years w/out seeing Jason's junk tho. Justin is a riot!

114. Axle Breaker #badnamesfomonstertrucks

115. Grave Tripper #badnamesfomonstertrucks

116. Hemmoroid Hill Blues #badnamesfomonstertrucks

117. Ass Master #badnamesfomonstertrucks

118. Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers #badnamesfomonstertrucks

119. @Paidion how about stunning? breathtaking? captivating?

120. @Paidion gotta love teh thesaurus

121. @Paidion acknowledgeable, notable, noticeable, recognizable

122. #neilwebfail I have to admit, it seems that even in killing websites, Neil makes it sound so cool.

123. #neilwebfail Apparently, even a grandmaster of fiction can have an off day. Neil's killed aprx. 3 websites via twitter today.

124. @Agent_M Quizno's torpedo coupon

125. @wilw plastic package Wil: Damn.. fail.

126. @alyankovic Easter eggs plus blasphemy stopped by apathy -

127. @Paidion madness, or genius? hmmm.....

128. RT @Lankylurkr: Easter eggs plus blasphemy stopped by apathy - #Easter #eggs @neilhimself @thatkevinsmith

129. Easter eggs plus blasphemy stopped by apathy -

130. @genrelibrarian Go to bed mom, you've had a long day.

131. Promised Easter Pics. Blog to follow.

132. Some Easter pics l8r (aftr wurk) got some nifty ones.

133. g'night all you magnificent bastards. See you tomorrow, hopefully without pitchforks and torches.

134. @threadless You bastards! When are you going to Hit Grand Junction, Colorado?

135. holy hell, this is long: Politicks with a side of Rant -

136. @Agent_M as long as it's not at you, I wouldn't worry too much

137. @Paidion well, when you're told that you start out with a black mark against you, it's kinda hard to separate the sin from the sinner.

138. @ThatKevinSmith they allowed 10 year olds into clubs back then?

139. #zombietalk are snarfing down on critters, I can pick 'em off

140. #zombietalk heavily armed in a zoo. While they

141. sleep, perchance to dream, aye there's the rub.... mmmmm steak....

142. @Paidion ah c'mon, you're still young enough to pull off all nighter. Hang tight, brew some coffee, and get that shit knocked out

143. @JINX metallica

144. @Paidion we need to observe a moment of silence for the fall of Seattle's best. That was good coffee.

145. @Agent_M soul_less/evil... yeah, I gots it

146. Problems with time travel and a question of self-conscious bald men conquering the world -

147. @chriscornell "Can't fucking sleep again. Shit. Fuck." Did those last two work for ya?

148. coherence fleeing quickly... Drew Barrymore on Jimmy looks like old, drunken has-been actress... except in a trashy, non-attractive way. ick

149. @Paidion lol, for some reason, that just cracked me up... I have no idea why... perhaps a 4:30 a.m. wake up call.

150. A minor grammar glitch is fixed, and blasphemy is commited -

151. @Paidion : P it's been a long day, and I turned of my grammar check.

152. @levarburton: A program is endured, threats are imagined, and a child barfs. -

153. A program is endured, threats are imagined, and a child barfs. -

154. @Paidion Him? or me? haven't heard either one hit bottom yet. #Bobsaget

155. bleagh... making juice for the boys and licked the lid of the concentrate. Now trying to get septum out of cerebellum place & vice versa

156. @JINX theaters, the best way to enjoy teh suk

157. @chriscornell I really dug the chase scene when they were kids; the juxtaposition of the chase with the music.... awesome.

158. Surviving Suburbia.... Sux the major dck! so blowful, I want my 1/2 hr back! #Bobsaget

159. @JINX #curiousgeorge original theme song! w00t!

160. #curiousgeorge original song! w00t!

161. @JINX jules verne

162. "Screech" has stopped following me. Oh well, he was a douche anyways.

163. New TV rant -

164. @JINX Chun Li

165. #zombietalk Sunday on "Eat the Press"

166. @ThatKevinSmith srsly though, cn U suggest any gd graphic novels 4 kids?

167. @ThatKevinSmith you payin' for me to come up from GJ?

168. @Paidion would you like some help with the writing?

169. beatboxin' oldskool super mario

170. I kid you not, "Screech" from Saved by the Bell is following me. This is the coolest thing so far.

171. damnit

172. Holy F*ckin

173. @greggrunberg noxious

174. @chriscornell link no work

175. RT @Lankylurkr: RT @Lankylurkr: Rant about Jimmy Fallon - #JimmyFallon meta data bullsh*t

176. RT @Lankylurkr: Rant about Jimmy Fallon - #Jimmy Fallon

177. Rant about Jimmy Fallon -

178. movie not finished, using placers 4 music/fx, ppl still whining about movie. asshats!

179. ain't that a bitch - Wolverine Movie leaked 2 internet: X

180. *sigh*

181. bed beckons (as does LW)

182. neilhimself have you checked out Tweetdeck? Free program that splits replies & direct messages into separate columns.

183. @alyankovic Canterbury Tales to the tune of "Gilligan's Island" w00t! txt only tho

184. @greggrunberg Looking for a laugh? want to catch up on sci-fi books, but don't have the time? Check this out!

185. Going to bed now. Can't stand Vin Diesel

186. @Paidion I don't ever recall calling Bush a fascist... I think the closest I ever came was saying that he couldn't even spell fascist.

187. Blog update pt. 2 -

188. Emergency Update -

189. @alyankovic w00t! 'lectric cars! zoom zoom!

190. :new post

191. upside of wrkn on book? Listening 2 music... rt now: Dave Brubeck Quartet's "Time Out"

192. Wrkng on book reqs vists 2 amazon. Amazon advtzs Kindle2 evrywhr. Kindle looking bttr n bttr. DAMN YOU AMAZON.COM!

193. Goodreads Update The Princess Bride : author: William Goldman name: Nathan average ra..

194. Nightly self-indulgence -

195. @wilw Dude, you're Will Wheaton: The Definition of Awesome.

196. @Paidion glad to hear you getting better. New story? I can has read plz

197. Finally listening to Free Spirit's "Pale Sister of Light".... not bad, got a nice 80's ish power chord feel to it.

198. @wilw @wilw t's awesome now that I'm off work (even tho' it's been snowing on and off all day). Hope your day is going well.

199. Talking about myself - Off to bed!

200. @Agent_M it might be a good idea to get your tongue out of your nose, ya giraffe.

201. @wilw Love, the kind you clean up with a mop and bucket... ahhh... doesn't get much more poetic than that.

202. @wilw Well, It's not my job.....

203. If you would like clearer pictures, tweet me with contact info.

204. Zenning pic 4 battle screen:

205. Zenning Pic 3: Multi-player start screen:

206. Zenning Pic 2: Story Start screen:

207. trying again Zenning pic 1: Start screen (ha! got it!)

208. can't seem to figure out this damn twitpic prog.... grrrrr


210. zenning pic 1: Start screen

211. @levarburton good work on the quitting! I know it was tough for me, but If you got through Reading Rainbow, Quitting smoking will be a brz!

212. @Paidion will send screens of game in the P.M.

213. @ThatKevinSmith Well, yer not dead yet, so that's gotta count for something

214. @neilhimself - This is cool! It would be interesting to see what Dave McKean would do with it.

215. @neilhimself - I've been rotating it to the right... it takes on a surreal aspect after the four or five times ...

216. @wilw no millions may be teh suck, but yer still awesome in my book.

217. @Paidion Zenning is a new single/multi player game still in testing on Kongregate. (free online games).

218. checking out the beta v.4 of zenning @kongregate

219. @skottieyoung OMG Skottie, you've got to read Lamb! It is great! Definite Graphic Novel material! (hint hint)

220. @Agent_M I wanna see Monsters vs. Aliens too, and I'm thinking about not taking the kids! lol

221. @Agent_M This is some of the funniest shit I've seen all day!

222. @Paidion We should start writing bullshit news stores and end each article with "TV and Radio confirm it". That aught to be amusing.

223. cussing out nintendo.... now too tired, going to bed.

224. @wilw jst set up winamp remote to access from wii, but don't have fckn wii brwser. FAIL!

225. @Paidion xplain wlmrt hoax plz. ok thnx bye

226. @neilhimself comic characters drawn on them. We ran into each other later and you hooked me on Abarat.

227. @neilhimself I'm coming from Grand Junction. We've actually met before: In Georgia, at ALA. I was the guy with the denim jacket with the...

228. @wilw The bad news is, I cut myself shaving... That's why I'm walking funny.

229. wrapping up half-a-day of writing, biking to work in the morning. Gotta love 5:30 am start times!

230. @skottieyoung So is this kinda like a "how-to draw cool shit" sorta thing?

231. @wilw I figured as much... can't go wrong with vintage Primus. Les Claypool is SRSLY awe inspiring

232. @wilw Quoting U2 "Don't let the Bastards ground you down!"

233. Hating this damn game:

234. @Paidion you think that's bad? check out @punnyfunny

235. *oops self

236. 't help myslef

237. > ) ....s orry couldn

238. he was known as a super callused holistic hexed by halitosis

239. @Paidion Things fall apart, the center cannot hold. Sad, yes, but that is the nature of change.

240. @levarburton Have Fun!

241. @Agent_M Thanks for the info on your products, this will help out quite a bit.

242. alright, I'm up, I'm up..... damnit.

243. Back from the game: Jack's team won (finally!) by two points. Still, a win is a win, w00t!

244. @wilw If you get the torch, I'll bring the pitch, and we'll have a grand ol' bar-b-que!

245. got back from walk about 3 hours ago, hung out with boys, ran some errands. Waitin' for Jack's Game tonight, then.. TO THE BAR! (mebbe)

246. emergency errand run, going for a walk with my beautiful wife and the boys.

247. @Agent_M I was hoping u were joking, but alas... you read the comments? Evrybdy hates it. Good for them!

248. @ThatKevinSmith Kevin, working on book about graphic novels 4 kids, I know ur uberbusy, but if u got a spare sec, would luv to pick ur brain

249. is off today, and catching up on stuff long overdue.

250. @Agent_M Sorry it took so long to reply - btween 3 boys & FT retail job, barely enough time to work on book. Can fill in if you've got email

251. @Paidion Get on facebook and check out Melissa's pics of the boys. P.s. Spider-Man sucks anymore anyways.

252. is going to bed. Tired he is... yoda he now talks like. mmm... good this is.

253. Is home from wurk, and a little fried around the edges.

254. @Agent_M So I see you work for Marvel. I'm currently working on a book about graphic novels, perhaps we can talk?

255. Gearing up for Wurk... ick

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