Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scene from a discussion

"MOM... Susie stole my cheeseburger..."
"Susie, give your sister back her cheeseburger."
"But MoOOoom, Elaine stole my drink!"
"*sigh* Elaine, you give Susie back her drink, Susie you give Elaine back her cheeseburger."
"Mohhhhhhhhmmmmm! Susie just threw my cheeseburger at me, and now she's on top of the television stand!"
"Elaine, stop tattling on your sister. Susie, stop throwing cheeseburgers and get down off of the television stand."
"Mom! Elaine just flipped me the bird!"
"Elaine, stop flipping your sister the bird right now."
"Augh! Mom! Susie just spit at me!"
"Mom! Elaine just punched me in the arm!"
"Susan! You watch your language!"
"But Mom! Elaine just punched my tit!"
"Damnit Elaine! Stop punching your sister in the breast! She's going to need those if she's ever going to get Steve to notice her!"
"What? Didn't you tell me that Steve was just the dreamiest guy ever the other day?"
"Hahahahahahahaha! Susie's got a crush on Steve!"
"Shut up you horrible brat! I do not!"
"So why did you tell me that you would absolutely die if Steve asked you to the dance?"
"OW! Mom! Susie just kicked me!"
"Susie, you need to calm down! You don't have to kick your sister! We're just playing with you... oh for the love of god!"
"Get off of my you fat cow!"
"Not until you apologize for for calling me a horrible brat... and a fat cow!"
"Why should I apologize for telling the truth!?"
"Elaine! You get off of your sister right now! I'm serious! You are both too old for this! Do I have to spank you?"
"Mohhhhm! You can't be serious!"
"I am totally serious! If you too don't knock it off right now, I'm going to spank both of you!"
"What do you think? You think we can take her?"
"Don't you even.... Girls, stop it! No! No tickling! no.... ah hahahahahahahahaha!"
"C'mon Elaine, let's get her!"
"Oh god! noooooooo! hahahahahahahahahaha oh my god! you've got to stop!"
"That's it Susie! get her! Especially her ribs! She can't stand that"
"*shriek* Oh you two are soo dead when I get out of this! hahahahahahahahahaha!"
"I'm gonna get her feet!"
"NOOOOOOO!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha!"
"Oh hell! Someone's at the door!"
"Quick, Elaine, I'll hold mom down... you go get the door!"
"Hell-ooooo? STEVE! Oh my god! Hi!"
"Uh, Hey Elaine, is Susie here?"
"Oh... yeah... we were just having a tickle fight with Mom. Would you like to come in?"
"Yeah, I would like that."
"Quick! Susie, run! I'll try and keep him distracted so you can get cleaned up a little!"
"Thanks Mom!"
"Oh Hello Steve, how are you today?"
"Hi Mrs. Jenson, I'm doing good. How about you?"
"I'm doing well. What brings you over today?"
"Well, I was going to uh, see if uh, Susie wanted to go to the dance with uh, with me."
"Well, Steve, I've got to tell you; I can't speak for Susie, but somehow I get the feeling that she could be persuaded."
"Hey Mom? Where did Susie go? She was just heaugh!"
"She's been in her room... remember?"
"No, why did you just kick my shin-eaow!"
"Elaine? Is everything alright?"
"Yeah Steve, for some reason, I keep getting these pains in my leg"
"Oh, Steve! I didn't know you were here!"
"Wow.... Susie, you look stunning"
"Well, thank you Steve. What's up?"
"Well uh, I was wondering if... if..."
"Well, that is, uh, I was wondering if, uh, you wanted to maybe, uh... go to the dance with me next week?"
"Steve, I would be honored to. Steve? STEVE!?"
"Oh my god! MOM! Something is wrong with Steve!"
"Steve! Steve? hey, wake up!"
"Holy Crap Susie! You Killed Steve!"
"Shut UP! Mom! Tell Elaine to shut up! I didn't do anything to Steve!"
"Elaine, either shut the hell up, or go to your room. Steve? There we go, how are you feeling kiddo?"
"Uh, what just happened?"
"You fainted kiddo, you sure you're o.k.?"
"Uh, yeah.... I think so..."
"Here, let me help you up... Are you going to be alright to make it home?"
"Uh, yeah, I think so..."
"Mom, what if I walked Steve home, just to make sure he doesn't fall?"
"That would be a great idea Susie, hurry back though, we have a lot of work to do still."
"O.k. Mom, C'mon Steve, let's get going..."
"I don't get it Mom, why did Steve faint?"
"Oh, Elaine.... it's just something that you'll have to experience when you're older. It's something you feel deep inside."
"Like a fart?"
"Nevermind... why don't you go out and play?"
"O.k. Mom.... y'know, that was pretty cool how Susie managed to get Steve to faint like that. You think I'll ever be able to do that?"
"Elaine, I know you will.... now go play."

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Anonymous said...

Aawwww, sweet. But girls don't all their breasts tits! They call them boobs! :)