Friday, January 15, 2010

Writing Experiment is Go!

Alrighty folks,

I have gotten to a place where I can finally get this fiasco-waiting-to-happen rollin'. I'm sure many of you have questions as to why I'm doing this. Well, to tell the truth, I really don't know. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that it's actually happening, I'm sitting here, going "oh holy hell, what was I thinking?"
Oh well, such is the way I tend to do things - run into it screaming like crazy, only to come running back out with Imperial Stormtroopers on my ass. So, how does this work? Glad you asked, here to talk about it is my good friend, Billy May's Ghost...

"Thank you Nathan! I appreciate that! By now, you're probably reading this in my voice! Little eerie huh? At least I'm not that washout Vince from the Sham-Wow commercials! Thieving little prick! Anyways, I'm here today to tell you about an amazing opportunity! That's right! You! It's Called Nathan's Writing Experiment, and it is so easy, a five year old can do it! Here's how it works! First, you go to this site! Don't worry! It's legitimate! You then post a message stating what you would like him to write about! Nathan will then get onto the site, pick the first entry for the day, and write about it! So simple, a NBC programming executive could do it without kicking Conan O'Brien of the air! Ah, damn it! The Ghostbusters just pulled up! I've got to go, but just remember! This is a limited time offer - Telling a writer what to write for one hour a day - yours if you act now!"

Wow... that... was... interesting. Not only that, but that was just a small sample of what you might see when you participate. This is not a closed site, anyone can access it (as far as I know - don't quote me), and I will write what you guys post. If you want, you can also follow the experiment on Twitter, just plug @nathswritingexp into your twitter client, and when I post something new, It'll tweet my latest thing.

Think of the possibilities: breakdown of world news, comedy, observations on daily occurrences, the wails of agony that come from spellcheck everytime I write, media reviews, whatever you can think of, I will write. The more you guys give me, the more entertaining this will be, and just think - when this gets on the news, you can say "Hey, I've been part of that - and misquoted! who the hell does this guy think he is?"

With that in mind, I bid you all a good night, and get those suggestions rolling!

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