Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sometimes I can't find the right word, literally or is that littering?

We've all been there before: we're sitting there talking to someone, and then suddenly, we can't find the right word.

For example:

Speaker 1: So I was talking with that chick the other night and I totally made a fool of myself. I was telling her about this blog I'm reading, and how this guy is writing something every day based on suggestions he gets from fans.

Speaker 2: Oh really? what happened?

Speaker 1: I was telling her about this guy and I totally said the stupidest thing. I said "This guy writes some crazy stuff, I mean he was talking about this lady who had tanned too much or some stuff like that" and she was really getting into it, and I got to talking about the pic that he posted with the story and her... uh.... her... oh damnit... what the hell are those called (rolls hands in front of chest).

Speaker 2: breasts?

Speaker 1: (laughs) yeah that's it.

So, is this accidental, or in some way is this verbal littering? Have we become so lazy and disposable in nature that we're willing to throw away not only physical items, but our language as well?
Probably one of the best (worst?) possible examples of this phenomena is in the on-line community than the phrase "I accidentally the whole 'X', where 'X' equals some sort of noun. Some of the more common ones are:
- Internet
- Apple
- thing
- Coke Bottle (Don't ask)
- pencil

In this way, this dropping of the verb is an intentional misuse of English. However, in standard conversations, the loss of a word in much more complex. Is it an intentional misuse of language, or is it the simple fact that we are human, and in times of intense thought, we tend to forget what we're talking about (much like this writing - I continually my train of thought).

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Joy said...

Breasts? Here I thought they were called "those big or sometimes small soft things you find in front of women or men".
Man, that's a pretty "gusty" explanation...