Friday, January 29, 2010

WTF Story # 2

Oh boy hoh boy hoh boy.... people! people coming to see me! Hoh boy hoh boy hoh boy... I like people. I like when people come to see me. It gets so lonely here, except for when the guy with the fish comes and feeds me, or when I find a big round bouncy thing in the water. Here comes people... hey! where you going? come back! come baaaa- OW! my nose! ergh... why do they put that there? They know that if I get too excited I forget it's there... Oohhhh... more people.... hey! hey! look at me! hey! I may not be fluffy, but I'm cute! Oooh Picture? You'll see how cute I am, hang on a second, I wanna pose for you. What? Big Smile? Big Smile! Heeeeeeeeee!!!!! >click<

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