Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sarah Palin best GOP Candidate for 2012

Why Sarah Palin is the best GOP candidate for 2012

Here's why I think that Sarah Palin will be the best GOP candidate for 2012.

1) Face it, the woman is attractive. What the United States needs more than anything else is a hot, sexy leader of the free world. I mean seriously, look at our previous track record:
- William Mckinley: Annexation of Hawaii and warring on the people of the Philippines, made Frankenstein's monster look like Brad Pitt
- Woodrow Wilson: Virulent Racist, segregated the Federal Government, Invaded Haiti, Looked like Fred Gwynne's orphaned brother.
- Herbert Hoover: didn't do much notable, but looked like a poor Andy Richter impersonator
- F.D.R. : Married his best guy friend, Eleanor, Firebombed the shit out of Dresden and Japan

Not only is she attractive, but she's not liable to do any of those things.

2) What's the one thing guys always do? Pissing contests, either literal or figuratively. Obviously, she's not going to be able to piss up a wall, so wars are going to be less likely.

3) She knows how to get things done. She got the "Bridge to nowhere" taken care of. The wedding of her daughter to the father of her grandchild? Taken care of. The governorship of Alaska in the bag. She is completely willing and capable of finishing everything she sets her mind to.

4) She's rogue. She's not going to listen to political insiders telling her what to do. She proved that time and again she's willing to stand up to the powers that be.

5) She is getting valuable "face time" in dealing with the liberal media by working as a contributor taking on tough questions and standing firm on her beliefs that she can be a "way better president".

6) With friends like Hank Williams Jr., Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity, Palin has proven that she has the insight, neutrality and knowledge to make the right decisions.

So with that in mind, I humbly suggest that Mrs. Palin run for president in 2012.

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