Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What if Earth had Saturn's Rings - Vignette

This one fascinated me, so I got to poking around on the interwebs and found the following video on YouTube.

Now I have to tell you all, I'm no scientist. I can't wrap my head around most concepts beyond the basics, but I'm going to do my best to postulate what might happen.

With Earth having rings like Saturn, they would figure very heavily into the belief systems and physics of the world, with mythologies and religions arising out of the constant presence of the rings.
the space program, if there was one, would probably not be located in Florida anymore, simply due to the fact of Florida being located close to the equator would present more debris that would have to be maneuvered around, which is a difficult prospect when you're going thousands of miles an hour.
The places that the rings fall across the world would more than likely suffer extended winters or cooling trends that could blight the landscape or prevent farming.

I sense a story idea....

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