Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter eggs plus blasphemy stopped by apathy

All of these pictures are thumbnails, so if you want a better look, just click on the image.

Easter Eggs
This is a top down view of the eggs that we made this year. Not too bad.

Craters of the moon?
This one reminds me of the moon. Not the RL moon, but the moon of the old sci-fi pulps, where BEMs kidnapped wasp waisted women while square-jawed manly men fired off burp guns.

Cat 1
After making the "Cheshire" Egg, I was inspired to make this egg. This is the front view.

Cat 2
This is the top-ish view of the cat. We were using neon colored gel dyes, and the camera kinda washed out the color. Unfortunately, you can't see the ears very well in this pic.

Egg 'o Lantern 1
This is one of Big Stink's Eggs. I don't know if he was going for a "Nightmare Before Christmas" type look or what, but I like how it turned out.

Egg 'o Lantern 2
This is the top down view of the Egg 'o Lantern.

Egg 'o Lantern 3
The back of the Egg 'o Lantern.

This is a stupid little face that I was working on. I was trying to get some depth to the mouth, but it turned out rather crappy.

Cheshire 1
This is the one that I was the most impressed with, but disapointed with the picture of. For some reason, this saying has always stuck in my head. For those of you who don't recognize it, it's from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Cheshire cat says this to Alice when she inquires why everything is so mad. I was afraid that the entire phrase would not fit due to the curvature of the egg.

Cheshire 2
This is the bottom half of the saying, and the camera did not want to cooperate with the egg. Boo!

Cheshire 3 (back)
This was a little bit of humor that I added after the fact. This is the back side of the egg, and I kept thinking of the Disney version where the cheshire cat would fade out and all that would be left was the eyes and the grin.

Cheshire 4
I decided that I was going to try one more picture of the saying, and I think it turned out rather well. The only thing that made me mad about the picture was that the dye was this really wild electric purple, and the pictures turned it blue.

Striations on a Theme
This was one that really caught my attention. I loved the way the colors kinda drifted across the green... reminds me a little of the planet Venus.

Hi Bye patu
This was from Big Stink to Little Stink.

Hippity Hop Hop
Alright, I admit it, this was one of the early ones, and I was trying to stay in the spirit of the holiday.

Flower Power
There's those damn liberal ideologies of ours rearing their ugly heads again.

I am the Egg, Man... Ook ook achoo
Big Stink made this one, and I just couldn't help myself. This one, I call "I am the egg, man... ook ook a chook.

So, after we made the eggs and put the stinks to bed, I started debating about doing some more eggs. I had a great idea for a new egg, but didn't do it. Probably for the best... see when I first thought of it, I didn't realize that it was not only sacreligeous, but also hugely blasphemous. See, the idea was to put the key that the Morningstar had given to Morpheus in retaliation for a previous slight.
That's what I get for being Discordian during a Christian Holiday. Glad I caught myself before all hell broke loose.... never mind.

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Nathskitten said...

You are so corney...errr wait...eggy sometimes.

I love you.