Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meaningless Drivel

I'm going for a "Truth in Advertising" sort of theme in this post. I have absolutely nothing to say right now, but I feel that I need to get something out on the digital page.
Paidon is halfway through his latest story, I wish him luck on it - deadlines suck. I did a search through writing contests, and found scads of contests... but nothing that inspired me to write.
However, thinking of Paidon and deadlines, I suddenly remembered something he did a while back - he wrote a overview of the "new" Colorado for the Vampire relaunch. It didn't get picked up, but I remember that he had wanted to use my LARP character as one of the major figures in his source.
Now, my character was rather interesting. For those who are not familiar with Role-Playing Games (RPG), Live Action Role Playing (LARPing), or White Wolf Publishing, this may get a little confusing.
Approximately 3 1/2 years ago, Paidon got me into a LARP out of Palisade. The first night I just kinda hung out and watched these guys (and gal) act out a game. Now don't get me wrong, I'm an old veteran of pencil and paper RPGs - I had even done some live action war games, but this, this was just too unbelievable. Like a junkie with a rock, I was in heaven.
The next game session, I created my Gangrel - Handsome Jack.
A 14th generation Gangrel, Handsome Jack was anything but. His sire had been planning on embracing him for a long time, but right before he could do so, Handsome Jack was attacked by a Black Spiral Dancer (Evil Werewolf) who tore off part of his face (from under the eye to the jaw). Jack's sire attacked and killed the Dancer for reneging on their truce, and embraced Jack as he died.
The embrace was enough to convert Jack, but since his face was disfigured prior to his embrace, he was stuck as a hideous monster. Succumbing to frenzy, Jack wandered the woods for years, hunting Dancers and those who were foolish enough to come across Jack (it just so happened that "his" woods were on government land). After a few years, the frenzy subsided, and Jack began to make connections with local lycanthropes, allowing him (reasonably) free travel between the woods and the town.
However, once in town, he found the local vampire population to be even more dangerous than running loose with lycanthropes. To complicate matters, the population was split between the Prince and his Camarilla, and a suave, intelligent Toreador (If I remember correctly) leading a group of Anarchs.
Jack ended up playing the Prince, while feeding vital information back to the Anarchs. It was a messy business, and eventually brought down the wrath of the Church, in which Jack ultimately sacrificed himself to stave off a complete cleansing of the town.

I think I might pull Jack out of "un"death and work up some stories for him... I dunno.

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