Wednesday, April 15, 2009

America get Teabagged

Today is Tax Day. Enough about that. So, one of the things that make life so grand is the fact that people can assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. Now see, one of the big differences between the democraps and repubicans is the way they approach peaceful demonstration.

Democraps will makes signs and the more fanatic ones will throw rocks, trash cans, sticks, small children, etc. If they're feeling really frisky, they'll put themselves in front of motorcades or chain themselves to immovable objects.

Repubicans will make signs and the more fanatic ones will trow rocks, trash cans, sticks, minorities, etc. If they're feeling really frisky, they'll... well, I'll let you read for yourself:

In Colorado, we have the right to bear arms if we can legally purchase it. The only rule is that it must be visible from three sides. I move that we exercise our rights on this day, perhaps a rifle over the shoulder is a better message than a quip on a piece of poster board.
This is a peaceful, demonstration, I will remind everyone who reads it.


Maybe if people came with pitch forks and such … the news media might see we’re serious … Hang in effigy a few politicians - Obama, Pelosi, etc. Otherwise … you may have noticed previous tea parties (a few weeks back) were completely ignored by all but FOX News … Be outrageous or be ignored

I’m bringing an old flint-lock musket (Unloaded) strictly symbolic to show a real desire to take back our country from the socialist - We really need to march on the local news media so they can’t ignore us like they did last month - over 4000 protesters and not a peep (FOX News was the exception)

If we don’t act up (Bring Pitch Forks and maybe hang a few politicians in effigy) the liberal press will ignore us again like they did the 4,000 plus tax protesters in Florida last month …

I don’t know about pitchforks, but I wonder if masks would be prudent.

I am so happy and relieved to know
Together we will purge this country of the true terrorist!
I will be with you all ,hand in hand, at the fort Collins march.
With arms locked we will break right through their chains!


In order to fully understand what is going on here in America I would highly suggest that all of you research the following subjects: The Committee of 300 (the Illumaniti) Dr. Coleman on google video, FEMA Concentration Camps, and the NWO (New World Order).

Bring your pitchforks! For safety sake, stick a potato on each prong. If you have an effigy of Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Frank even better. Instead of burning the effigy, simply place the pitchfork up the a** and hoist it before the cameras.

This next one really blew me away. This is from "Gunny Bob" a Denver Radio Personality:

Everyone who attends should be aware of our esteemed opponents placing ringers in the audience to set us up for a scam that they hope will go viral on the Web.

Liberals may try to blend into the honest audience and push, trip or otherwise assault you, or intimidate you using any number of means. Bring video cameras and have them running and scanning all the time so the video can be used in court. Watch for them to hide nasty signs and posters under their outer clothing. Watch for them to suddenly produce KKK signs, baby killer signs, and other forms of noxious buffoonery. And watch for them carrying weapons, feces, urine, and other problematic items.

I think that this one is my personal favorite that sums up just how deluded some people are:

The liberals, gays, lesbiens [sic], are trying to take away OUR RIGHTS! Go figure!

These have all been taken verbatim from the website The only name I included was the radio personality, due to the fact that he is a public figure. The other posts I have left the names off of; if you want to figure out who said what, check out the website. At the same time, a few of these quotes were probably said by the same people, so I don't want anyone thinking that the "extreme" conservatives are much more prolific than they actually are.

On the opposite side of the coin, there are quite a few people on the website that are speaking out against these lunatics quoted above.

I am kind of worried about the number of comments posted from people making this a “republican vs democrat” issue. That is not what this is supposed to be about. I frankly don’t give a darn if they wear an R or a D after their name - they all look and smell alike to me any more, with very few exceptions. Glenn Beck has been warning against doing exactly that, because there are those out there who would love to make this another divisive issue. What we should be focussed[sic] on is that we are American citizens and that we demand that our elected officials represent US! Please think about that.

I highly suggest leaving the guns out for two reasons. First, most of these tea parties will be at or march to a government facility of some sort and having a weapon in those places is illegal. Second, the media will focus solely on the guns if they see it or hear about it and the meaning of the tea party will be lost.

This is not a partisan event and is not centered on Liberalism. As a very irate conservative, I look back on many administrations and they all have spent our money carelessly and without obstruction. This movement needs not the partisan labels as it is bigger then that. We need all citizens to look inward to themselves and hold this truth that we cannot stand for this any longer, no matter who is in charge!

PLEASE JOIN the Tea Party of choice and have a good time. Be friendly and on your best behavior. It’s a party! We want to reflect all genuine, traditional American citizens–hard working, generous, decent, thoughtful, collegial and law-abiding. Humor is welcome. There’s strength in numbers.

DON’t imitate the 60’s radicals and lefties who were obnoxious. Their demonstrations were divisive, loud and spit in the face of authority, taunted police and the National Guard to the breaking point, and disrespected veterans in despicable ways.


Marching with a gun is NOT a good idea! Marching with the constitution is….our politicians are ignoring us! LET”S march and tell them ENOUGH!!

Remember guys, these events are meant to be apolitical in the sense that we aren’t advocating for or against one party. One party might hypothetically stand for the same principles you or I do, but government expanded under George Bush and a Republican-led congress before Obama, Reid, and Pelosi got their crack at it. I would suggest your signs be tied to issues rather than people or parties.

now, I know people are going to say "well, you didn't bother hunting down any liberal quotes that show what lunatics they are". I know. We just have to wait a couple of years until the power has shifted, and I'll post anther one showing how loopy and ridiculous the liberal are.

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