Friday, March 19, 2010

The Coffee Incident - Based On a True Story

I was sitting there, watching Jack play on the video games and listen to Mark repeat the phrase "I'm thirsty" over and over again. Mom and Dad were still sleeping, seeing's how it was only 6:30.
Getting bored with the video game, I got up and walked into Mom and Dad's room. Nope, not yet, still sleeping. I toyed briefly with climbing up on the bed and inserting myself between the two of them. If they wanted to cuddle, I need to be there to make sure they're cuddling properly. Face it, how can they cuddle properly if I'm not there to show them how?
Ah well, I walk back out to the living room and into the kitchen. After tugging on the door to the refrigerator. Yep, milk is still there. Wonder if I could get Jack to pour me some. I shut the door and walk back out to the living room. Jack is still playing, but Mark has found a stuffed animal and is playing with it. Wait a minute... that's my stuffed animal! I've got to take it back!
After wrestling with Mark for a couple of minutes, Dad gets up and grumps at us for a few minutes, then he goes to the bathroom. While he's in the bathroom, I sneak into their room and climb into bed with Mom. She looks like she needs to wake up. I know the best way to wake her up.
Now I running back out to the living room. I thought Mom would have liked me jumping on her, but I guess not. Dad's in the kitchen, I'll get him to give me some milk.
Ahh.... milk. That's good stuff. Now Mark's got some milk, and Dad's taken over the video game. Since he's sitting on the floor, I'm going to sit in his lap. Mom's up now, telling Dad how I woke her up. Seriously, I didn't think it was that bad - it wasn't like I was aiming for her head.
Now Mom is in the kitchen, making coffee. No, wait, she's off to the bathroom. Dad's muttering under his breath again. He must be losing his video game again. Jack's talking to Dad about the game, and Mark is lying on the floor.
Mom's back in the kitchen. I think she's getting her coffee... yep, now she's sitting down on the couch. I need to stand up. I'm hearing something, and I've got to find it.
You don't hear it? I can hear it... it's calling me. Oh, it's Mom's phone! Hello Mom's phone. What? You want some coffee? I thought you weren't supposed to drink coffee. Oh, you want to soak? Well, I suppose that's not so bad. Here, let me help you. It's not too hot is it? No? O.k. I'm going to go play in my room now.