Friday, December 4, 2009

Writing Experiment 5 - Jack and Jill

So who the hell is Jack and Jill? Until now, I had never heard of them myself. When it was first suggested to me, I thought Jack and Jill? Isn't it Jack Off Jill, the Ft. Lauderdale alt rock band of females? Did they get back together?
Unfortunately, that was not the case.
Jumping on my favorite search engine (Google FTW!) failed to turn up anything that looked remotely favorable. Knowing full well that a straight "Jack and Jill" search would only bring up the venerable nursery rhyme, I tried "Jack and Jill band". The only thing I could pull up was a band based out of Illinois, and there were no mentions of electric violins, so... had to go back and redefine my search. Remembering that someone said they were going to be at Hot Topic at the local mall this weekend, so I punched in "Jack and Jill Hot Topic".
Bingo! Found a Facebook page about an upcoming gig at the mall. Unfortunately, still didn't explain much about the band. Upon further exploration, found a link to their Facebook page, and clicked on it. On the left, further down, a link to MySpace music. Clicked on it, and suddenly, I realized that I know these folks. They're friends of my Brother and Sister-in-law.
On their MySpace page, there is a list of tracks from their debut album, so I figured I would check it out. Now I like Aaron and his wife - they are very warm, friendly, outgoing people. I figured that their music would be offbeat and eclectic, like them.
Looking at the tracks, I find one called "Dwelling on what is dead..." Figuring it was fairly dark with some heavy power chords (I'm on a dark, heavy power chord kick right now - don't know why). Instead, I hear violins and slow melodies. Not exactly what I would associate with power chords. Then, the singing begins - and I doze off. Nodding myself awake, I try a different track. Looking at the play list, I try "dreams not even formed"... dozing again. Damn! I'm trying my hardest to find something that I can get into on this album! So I look one more time... this time, I look at the most listens, and end up on "you are my sunshine". For some reason, it just strikes me as a half-hearted pseudo-country drinking song.
Now, I'm not saying that Jack and Jill are not a good band - far from it. What I am saying is that Jack and Jill is not a band that I can see myself listening to.
Just because I'm not a fan of their music does not mean they are a bad band; in fact, listening to their music, it was readily apparent that they know their craft well. Any time you listen to a musician, you can almost instantly tell if they know their craft - and these guys know it in spades.
I wish Aaron and Jessica the best in their endeavors - I know how difficult it can be starting out with something you love and believe in.
BTW - they'll be playing at the Mesa Mall Hot Topic this weekend.