Monday, March 30, 2009

Overwhelming feelings of being Overwhelmed

So, just came out of the weekend, and I'm feeling a little buried in tasks and projects. First off, I'm reading (I kid you not) approximately 14 different books right now (ten are graphic novels, but still they're books) and the other four are dense, confusing, or just plain hard to follow.

Book 1: StarWars Trilogy (The Original stories)
These are the ones that started the entire franchise. While Lucas writes well, his use of phrasing and pacing makes it a little uneven. Plus, having grown up on the movies, it gets a little difficult to reconcile the movies to the stories - especially the fact that in the first story, Darth Vader seems to be less than "Scariest Fucking Villian Ever".

oops family emergency, bbl.

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