Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fast Food and Potholes

I was listening to NPR today on the way home from work, and they were talking about some city (The name currently eludes me) that KFC approached the mayor and offered the city $3000 to fill pot holes, as long as they could put their logo on the pothole patch.
That's what the title has to do with anything - the journalist stated "Fast food and potholes". just that phrase caught my attention. It sounds like a song or something....

Blizzards blow hard,
snow falling sideways,
Got miles to go,
living on fast food and potholes.

And that's why I never became a songwriter.

The blizzard bit is due to the fact that the metorologist on the news was talking about a spring blizzard that has pretty much all but shut down the Eastern section of the state. And the baby just started beating the snot out of me with a small plastic basketball; he'll beat me in the face with the ball, and then he'll put his head on my shoulder, almost as if saying "Sorry". Then he turns back around and beats on me some more.

On another note, we live in a very conservative section of the state (lots of oil rigs and gun nuts), and it just so happens that we supported Obama (DW put a bumper sticker on the back of the van in support) during the election. So, as I'm pulling out onto (US) 6 & 50, trying to merge into the left lane, this local power truck pulls up beside me. I've had my blinker on since I got out onto the road, and this dude slows down. I mean, to the point that I cannot get into the lane I want.
So, I slow down a little, and this jerk slows down as well.
I speed up a little, jerk does too.
realizing that I'm going to miss my turn, I look over, and jerk looks over, smiles one of those smug, self-important smirks and waves, then takes my exit.
So I take the long way home.
I tend to forget how cool the edge of downtown really is. All those cool old pseudo-Victorian houses down there. Half-way home, I realize that I should be furious with Jerk, but I'm not, and this suprises me. I mean, this guy actively went out of his way to inconvenience me, and I could really give a damn less.
Thinking about it tonight, at first, I thought it was just that I was done with humans and the human experience altogether. Then, I thought about it some more, and I realized that I didn't care about the human experience anymore, I jsut had more important things to worry about than some Jerk who felt vindicated by trying to ruin my day.
Well, as it is getting late, and I have to open again, I now go to bed.

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