Monday, March 30, 2009

Emergency Update

Alright, I'm back for the time being. Dropped LW off at the vet with mom-in-law and brought stink and little stink home. Took a quick shower, and figured I would update.
As of this posting, info on the dog is in a holding pattern. Wait, lemme start at the begining... Got a call this morning from m-i-l, wanting to speak with LW (who was still snoozing, no big), after talking briefly, went back to work on book.
About 30 minutes later, m-i-l calls back, speaks to LW (now awake) who starts talking all mater-of-fact (big clue that something's up). Turns out m-i-l's dog is sick and (allegedly) pooping blood (update: not pooping, vomiting... more on that in a minute). We bundle up stink and little stink, drive to the vet, and wait for m-i-l and LW's sis to show up.
After a few minutes, they show up, I leave LW at the vet, and now we're up to date from where I started typing.
Just got a call from LW:
Not sure what's up with the dog, m-i-l going to take little bugger home, bland, almost liquid diet, some pepto, see if things get better. If not, dog goes back to vet tomorrow.

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