Friday, April 22, 2011

A work in progress

So, on another site, I'm in the process of submitting for a contest - I have a list of ten words, and I have to use at least 3 of them. Either a poem or short story: Poems have to be at least 25 lines, short stories need to be at least 500 words, but less than 1,000. Below is the list of words I have to use, and a early first draft of either a poem or I'll tie it into a short story.

Frugal, penchant, idyllic, comely, calamity, blasphemy, egregious, sublime, surreptitious, consolidate

So, without further ado, here's my (horribly rough) first draft:

A comely calamity of egregious blasphemy,
an angry amputee seeking sublime amnesty.
surreptitious consolidation,
a penchant for frustration.
a frugal apogee, idyllic bankruptcy,
the fall of a tyrant, the shame of a nation.

I like how it starts out, in fact, it was the "comely calamity" that jumped out at me, and the rest fell together (with some help from a rhyming dictionary). The last line was really forced, and I'm not really feeling it. As it continues to come together, I'll post updates.

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