Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Terrible story excerpt

This was a little bit of a goofy story idea I got from a discussion with a friend of mine: we were talking about how even if we were writing stuff that had kittens and rainbows we would still be freaked out because it's something we wrote. My friend likes to write in the dark, sexual realm, and I made a crack about Dark, Sexual, Rainbow Kittens... needless to say, what follows sprang from that.
Warning! What follows is lowest common denominator pot boiler with no editing, plot or consideration of taste. At the very least, it should be considered disturbing. I understand that, so please don't contact me with stuff like "Jesus! What the hell kinda sick freak are you?"

"But you just shot my husband!" Miss Fluffykins yowled as the polychromatic tom prowled closer to her.
"He was going to murder you for your tuna empire, I had to do something." the strange multicolored cat replied.
"Well, I must find some way to thank you," Miss Fluffykins explained demurely as she lifted her tail, presenting her posterior for the tom's inspection.
As he stepped closer to sniff, he could smell her heat. Deep in his chest, a primal growl, long dormant, slowly worked its way up his throat. Looking back over her shoulder, Miss Fluffykins batted half-lidded eyes and lowered herself onto her forepaws, presenting herself. The rainbow tom could feel himself engorging, his hairy member gliding from its sheath. Instinct took over as he mounted her, pressing his advantage.

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Melissa said...

I love you... I have to say that before I say- you are a damn weird guy.